Adorable Tiki Tote Pattern Bag


I love it when someone brings something new and crafty to the table! Let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t always want to make quilt after quilt.

This is a new video from Angela at The Midnight Quilt Show on how to create a tote bag. These can be useful for all types of tasks! Angela has always been so creative and entertaining with her tutorials and videos, so she is really a joy to watch!

In this video she was actually challenged by The Crafty Gemini and the competition is real and very fun to watch.

Below the video these is a link to the Tiki Tote Challenge Pattern. So let’s just dig into our own material and make some fun bags!

The excellent thing about this pattern is that it uses two and a half inch strips, making it the perfect project to work some of those scraps in. The perfect project for what Angela calls a “stash buster”.

She does a great job at showing what she’s doing, but having the pattern next to the video may be extra helpful in this case.

Check out the video for the full experience and good luck making this perfect new piece!



For the pattern, click here.


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