Storing Our Quilt Scraps



Quilting is such a messy passion!! My workroom is filled with scraps all over, from all kinds of projects. I mean I have scraps that are years old!

It is time that we all learn how to handle the leftovers.

In reality, no one wants to get rid of their scraps because it would be perfectly good fabric put to waste. Quilting is not the cheapest hobby either.

But, today I am bringing you a video about how to store your scraps efficiently, and just about scraps in general.

Kea, from Kea Bee, is the one doing the video and she is fantastic to watch. In the video, she talks about the Scrappy Project Planner by a quilter names Lori Holt.

This planner has five stars on Etsy and seems to be a big hit amongst quilters, I know I want one! So, she spends a lot of time in the video going over the book and reviewing it.

She uses the planner to organize her scraps and for inspirations about scrappy projects.

The book has tips about storing scraps and projects for scraps in it, as well as the weekly planner and to do lists and that kind of thing. She then goes into the process of breaking up her scraps and storing them.



I think this idea is very helpful and we should definitely check out the video on the “Next Page” to get the full idea!



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6 Responses to “Storing Our Quilt Scraps”

  1. Carol

    Jul 20. 2017

    I prefer to use Ziploc-type bags to store scraps from each project. I label them w/scrap sizes and other info Easy to view inside clear bags which come in several sizes and are re-useable, Bags also protect scraps from fraying. Can fit lots of scrap bags n a drawer or basket. They store nice and flat if u don’t overkill them. This storing method works brilliantly for me…

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  2. Anonymous

    Aug 17. 2017

    You don’t store my quilt scraps, they have to be corraled, and even then they crawl away and litter every room of the house.

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  3. Nancy Lueder

    Aug 17. 2017

    I feel your pain! 🙂

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  4. Kathleen Duncan

    Aug 18. 2017

    Sarah Savage look at this

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  5. Linda Good Arkwright

    Aug 18. 2017

    I hesitate to write this because I don’t want to sound critical; I use hints from your site all the time And definitely want you to continue to post them. But in this case, for newbie quilters, I think it’s a good idea to provide the cons of this kind of sorting. Why would you cut decent size scrap pieces before you have any idea what you might use them for? Cut a 4 1/2 or 5″ piece to a 3″strip?? What if you end up wanting a 4″ strip? When you cut the large white piece, you were clear that you already knew what you were going to use the piece for. But not otherwise. I also don’t seem much advantage to sorting by size, rather than by color, or theme (for example, all florals), or type (for example, all batiks). Most quilts use various size fabric pieces, so if the goal is a floral quilt, why should you have to go through all those different sizes to find all your floral scraps for what ever you need. Of course, no way works for everyone, any suggestions are helpful; it just might be a good idea to say that more clearly. Again, please excuse me if I sound critical. I don’t mean to.

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  6. Quilting Genius

    Nov 07. 2017

    who else really loves this ?

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