What do we do with the quilts you make? I know that most of us are always working on something, and the quilts tend to build up.

I know that I give some away to my family and keep some for myself, but lately they have been building up because the same people I usually give them to have enough!

So, I started thinking about maybe starting a small business selling my work.

Quilting gives me peace and something to focus on, so I do not want to stop doing what I love. I should not have to and neither should we.

If some of us have this same problem, then perhaps we should think about selling our work too. I mean making a profit, even if small, off of something I love to do would be great.

So today I am sharing a video I found about starting a business that is based right out of our home, and selling the quilts we make.

Lorain Feagin is the woman in the video and she talks about what she did when she wanted to start her own little business.




If we are even just playing with the idea of selling your quilts, check this video out on the “Next Page” and start the exciting process!



Our work is worth sharing and benefiting from, so let’s make it count.



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  1. Ellen Waughtel

    Aug 09. 2017

    Susie Morgan

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  2. Cheryl Hawkins

    Aug 10. 2017

    This video is really not all that informative. If somebody is wanting to sell their quilts they’ve all ready been doing it for a long time.

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  3. Michele Scott

    Aug 10. 2017

    I agree. While it’s a wonderful video for beginning quilters, not quite so much for those wanting to know how to sell quilts.

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  4. Cheryl Hawkins

    Aug 10. 2017

    Exactly. I have been quilting for over 20 years and nothing she said helped me in the least. I have looked on eBay etsy and all them and I don’t see any quilts that compare to mine and their asking way too much money. The Amish community here in in Florida get 800 bucks and no way will I sell mine for that. I keep mine priced so it doesn’t break the bank to own a beautiful piece of art and yes to me it is art.

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