Curved Log Cabin

A log cabin block is a timeless block.  2 Videos on the Next Pages add a little Sparkle and Curves to this timeless flexible block.

The Curved Log Cabin Quilt Block is Astonishing in the Number of ways you can arrange them to make amazing patterns!

That’s right! The Quilt on the wall in [Yellow & Brown] is made from the Curved Log Cabin Block.

And that’s only one way this block can be arranged to make exquisite quilt tops.

Believe it or not this Circular Arrangement below is made from the Curved Log Cabin Quilt Block

Image: Craftsy 

Quilt Curved full_904_107910_CurvedLogCabin_1

Quilt Curved Log Cabin 1

Image: Quilting Blog 

To see How Mary Fon’s, (In the Picture Above), makes a Curved Log Cabin Quilt Block. First Watch Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. Maker her Curved Log Cabin Block on the Next Page

Following Jenny is Mary Fon’s quilt by the numbers strip by strip piecing method.

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