Windmill Quilt Block In A Window! Amazingly Simple Design Surprises Everyone



This video from the Cozy Quilt Shop will leave us asking questions on how such a simple quilt block design makes such an amazing looking quilt.

The Strip Club from the Cozy Quilt Shop has many wonderful tutorials.  This is only one example. Another is Chasing Windmills by Cozy Quilt Designs.

Daniela Stout breaks down the windmill block piece by piece and then shows us how to construct it.

The simplicity of how to make it will have us wondering how something so simple can look so fantastic.

Instead of showing us how to construct the block by using a sewing machine, she instead pins each step onto a board.

For visual learners like myself, this made it much easier for me to understand! Now who’s ready to get started?


Immediately below is access to the pattern for this block.

Next Page Below is Access to the Pattern




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