Understanding Our Sewing Machine Basics Is Important


When someone is new to a sewing machine, they need to learn the basics first. This will prevent us from going through what could be a lot of trail and error runs. This is great information for sewing machine basics and where we should start, along with a great video.

1st. We need to read the manual that came with our machine!

2nd. Choose the thread type. Types of basic threads examples are polyester or cotton, and don’t forget to check quality, brand, color, and size.

3rd. Needle size and type. For quilt piecing, a top stitching sharp needle is generally recommended. Ask your local sewing machine shop or check your sewing machine manual.

If you’re planning on purchasing needles for a specific function like quilting or quilt block piecing you may have to be flexible in your choices as you gain experience.

Another consideration when selecting new needles is to use titanium coated needles. They do cost a little more but they do remain sharper for a much longer time. If you’re just starting you may not want to invest the extra cost because you might be prone to breaking needles until you’ve gained some experience.

4th. Consider matching your needle size to the thread type and size and match those with the type of fabric you plan on sewing. Again, read your manual for recommendations.

5th. The kind of presser foot. As a quilter, you’ll likely want to select or invest in a 1/4 inch presser foot.

6th. Grab your sewing machine manual and read it cover to cover again. You won’t regret the time spent.

Follow closely the bobbin winding instructions and sewing machine thread instructions in your manual.


On the next page you’ll find additional details in the sewing machine basics video tutorial.

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  5. Please dont sew beginners, it will hurt them. 🙂 I learned to sew over 47years ago. I don’t sew as much as would like but I enjoy it still today. My Mom is 90 & 3/4 she sews at least 4 times a week. She is amazing.

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    great link. I need one for serger/overlocker please especially when to change for thick fabric

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