Tutorial For The Puppy Love Baby Quilt



In the last two weeks there are been two, beautiful baby girls added into my family! With this being said I have been wanting to make a baby quilt that was sweet and very cute.


When looking for some ideas, I came across this video tutorial by Kelly, from Fons and Porter. In the video she goes over how to make the puppy love baby quilt!


This design is just so adorable and I got a lot of compliments when I did this for my cousin. To piece the puppy love baby quilt, we must use precut, two and a half inch strips.

We can easily cut these ourselves, or purchase them that way. The pattern used in the video is not yet for sale, but should be soon.


There is a lot of great information in the video, but one thing that really stood out to me is that, in order to achieve the right kind of dynamic, the pieces need to be laid out and planned accordingly. This will yield the best results.



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    Oct 31. 2017

    Phelba Gilbert Wecas, Mary Lou Anderson, Margaret Songer – hhhmmmm red white and blue?

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