The Tumbling Block Quilt Gives A Cool 3D Illusion



Tumbling block quilts with the 3-D illusion really catches our eye!

What used to be a challenge with set in seams, is now easy with strips and a triangle ruler.

The key to making this quilt is in selecting the right fabrics.

It’s very important that our tones of fabric have high contrast.

You will need a dark tone a mid tone and a light tone. Dark creates the illusion of a shadow, medium partial shadow, and light tone full light.

Solids, blenders batiks and prints can all be used as long as the overall tones are high contrasting.

In this quick tutorial from Easy Strip-Pieced Tumbling Blocks by Marci Baker of Alicia’s Attic will show how easy it is to get the effect of the tumbling block quilt using a simple strip piecing.



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