The Take Flight Quilt Tutorial



There are certain things that we can add to a quilt that just make it a classic, easy going project. Some patterns just never really get old. I have said before that colors mixed together in a simple, neat way really make a quilt great.


Well, today there is a tutorial that adds the color, simplicity, and a classic element all together.


This quilt is going to be a great one! It is called the take flight quilt.


The video tutorial is called “Make a ‘Take Flight Quilt’ with Jenny!” Yup, that is right, it is by Jenny with the Missouri Star Quilt Company!


She is always a refreshing mentor when it comes to creating new projects. The great element that is in this quilt is the flying geese!


For anyone who may not be familiar, the flying geese is a popular look in quilting and it involves triangles that are sideways and pointing in the same directions.


Fun fact! It got it’s name because, sometimes, it can resemble birds that are flying in a flock.



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  1. Quilting Genius

    Nov 18. 2017

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  2. Linda Compher

    Dec 06. 2017

    Sally Rathkamp

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  3. Connie Wright

    Jan 14. 2018

    What a great looking quilt. Love it.

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  4. Nancy Pecor

    Jan 15. 2018

    I wish I had made my 400 flying geese this way… Oh well maybe next time…

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