The Fusion Crochet Technique



We will also need our quilting supplies; fabric, sewing machine, rulers, markers, and iron. It’s also recommended that we use “iron-in” webbing tape, but there are ways around that that are talked about in the video.


The cover that we come out with is just darling! There are also so many amazing tips and tricks that are learned by watching the video, and the woman in the video really does do a great job explaining and demonstrating everything.


After gathering everything we need, we can just follow the instructions in the tutorial about fusion crochet and it will be a success! The video really is a huge help, so do not forget to check it out and enjoy making something so special by combining these two techniques!




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  1. Magdalena Villalobos

    Dec 25. 2017

    Amy Martinez you can quilt this.

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  2. Lynn Ann Locke

    Feb 02. 2018

    Sarah Hodges Hale

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  3. Ann Thompson

    Mar 06. 2018


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