The Beautiful Rhombus Star Quilt


It’s always fun to learn new things and to expand the on-going quilt collection! If there is anyone who is struggling to find the next great project, here it is!


Simple looking projects are always so nice, and usually are the best gifts because anyone can appreciate a simple, well done quilt. There really is no losing here!


With this being said, here is a project from Jenny with the Missouri Star Quilt Company and it is called, “Make a Rhombus Star Quilt With Jenny!”


The rhombus star quilt is basically a quilt that has a few rows of stars, and a basic, solid background and a simple border. It is super attractive and watching the video will give a better, more clear image of what the quilt looks like.


After seeing it, I think it is obvious that this one is worth giving a shot! One thing that may be a little difficult about the quilt is that it is made with a rhombus template, which is linked below the video for purchase. To avoid purchasing a new template, I am sure that one can be shaped and do just fine.



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5 Responses to “The Beautiful Rhombus Star Quilt”

  1. Brenda Bettencourt

    Sep 28. 2017

    Judi Baxter

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  2. Sherry Rafferty

    Sep 28. 2017

    Here my version, before boarders. It was fun to do.

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  3. Lorene Pacella

    Oct 12. 2017

    I absolutely love your tutorials! Please don’t stop! Thank you.

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  4. Quilting Genius

    Nov 18. 2017

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  5. Colleen Weber

    Dec 21. 2017

    I loved this pattern! So easy! No Y seams, just straight line sewing!

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