The Bargello Quilt Pattern


There are a lot of options to pick from with this one, which is always enjoyable because there is wiggle room. Anyone can add their special touch.

For example, I really liked the blue quilt that is shown on set, using blues could make this quilt look like a wave. But really any colorful fabric, in my opinion, would look great. Jenny does an excellent job explaining the bargello quilt, as she always does.

The video is very constructive and therefore it is highly recommended that we watch it before getting into the quilt. Have fun with this unique and very cool looking project!




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  1. Margaret Ward

    Aug 27. 2017

    Good information to have.

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  2. Linda Shumway

    Aug 27. 2017

    love Bargello, have only made one. Might tackle another one next year.

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  3. Irene Hill

    Aug 30. 2017

    Val Williams

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