The Bargello Quilt Pattern


It is not everyone’s way, but I love a project that earn second glances! I like things that are different and eye catching. In fact, I am quite the sucker for them!

Who loves waves? Well that is brought into the video tutorial by Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company called, “Make a Bargello Quilt With Jenny!”

This is really just the most unique thing! It’s a great pattern for a beach blanket, or anyone who likes something groovy and soothing to the eye. The quilt features different colored wavy pieces that create a great effect when brought all together.

Most of us could probably get rid of a lot of scrappy material just sitting around! That’s just an idea, but it can also be done with jelly roll.

Jenny claims that doing it from a precut roll turns the quilt from difficult to easy. She even says that when she first did this quilt it was very difficult, but with the jelly roll and some practice she made it easier for us! Thanks jenny!



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  1. Margaret Ward

    Aug 27. 2017

    Good information to have.

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  2. Linda Shumway

    Aug 27. 2017

    love Bargello, have only made one. Might tackle another one next year.

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  3. Irene Hill

    Aug 30. 2017

    Val Williams

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