Ten Quilting Tips Everyone Should Know




A very positive thing about technology is that we can share all of these great ideas within online communities that fit our interests.

This takes the platform to get advice on quilting and to get new ideas from our small circle, and expands it to the whole world! It is time to take advantage of the great ideas that our other fellow quilters have.

So, today I am bringing you a video from Melanie Ham and it is called “10 Tips Every Quilter Should Know.” Melanie is so nice and enthusiastic so watching her videos on anything is a great experience.

I specifically like today’s video though because pro quilters can relate and new quilters can learn.

She addresses commons questions and narrows down the most important things she had has learned from her experience as a quilter and as someone who sews. I like the video because she does not tell the audience what to do, she just simply shares her stories and experience.

She has some great things to say, and I had some laughs thinking about when I figured out these things.

For example, the first of her quilting tips was to always change our needle. I know that when I was a beginner I learned this the hard way! A lot of us learn these things the hard way, but we do not have to!


So, check out the video on the “Next Page” to get all the great tips and tricks.


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3 Responses to “Ten Quilting Tips Everyone Should Know”

  1. Ruth Veneris

    Jul 09. 2017

    Really good tips.

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  2. Heidi

    Aug 13. 2017

    Thank you Melanie. That was great. Clear cut answers to the questions this new quilter has been asking. Love it!

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  3. Lori McMurdie George

    Jan 14. 2018

    These are some great beginner quilting tips Melissa!

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