Ten Quilting Tips Everyone Should Know

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Save Time With The Chain Piecing Technique

  A simple patchwork piecing technique saves time and improves our accuracy. So why not try the chain piecing technique? Start with arranging our quilt pieces prior to starting! This ... Continue Reading →

Free Motion Quilting For Straight Lines And Echoes

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Sewing Buttons With Our Sewing Machines

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How To Sew Curved Pieces Without Pins

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Hand Stitching Methods

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Is The Right Needle Being Used With Our Sewing Machines?

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Learn About The Handy Seam Ripper!

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How To Sew A Six Pointed Star

Sue Daley Designs uses diamond shaped paper. One of the keys is to start in the same point and as we apply glue to the paper and fold the edge of the fabric over to stick to the glued ... Continue Reading →