Quilt Shop Or Chain Fabric Store? What’s The Difference In Fabric?

  Being a beginner quilter can be so overwhelming. The rewards of quilting are worth all the work, but when someone is just starting out there can be a lot to discover and look ... Continue Reading →

What’s The Three Bee’s Of Quilting? Build Basic Blocks! From S To XXL Blocks

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Easy And Effective 3 Pin Quilting Method!

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  Learning new helpful methods is always a good thing. So, I found this video, by Jordan Fabrics, called drunken quilting. I was intrigued by this title and was thinking, “Oh ... Continue Reading →


  I do not do the longarm quilting process myself. I take it to a longarm quilter. But I know that some of us do our own longarm process, and I have even considered starting to ... Continue Reading →

Storing Our Quilt Scraps

    Quilting is such a messy passion!! My workroom is filled with scraps all over, from all kinds of projects. I mean I have scraps that are years old! It is time that we ... Continue Reading →

The Pony Express Quilt

    Today we get yet another great tutorial from Jenny at The Missouri Star Quilt Company. Now, something that I love about their work is that they always come up with fun ... Continue Reading →

Ten Quilting Tips Everyone Should Know

      A very positive thing about technology is that we can share all of these great ideas within online communities that fit our interests. This takes the platform to ... Continue Reading →

How To Make Perfect Blocks Everytime

    Perfect blocks and strips aren’t created by accident. It starts with attention to detail to form great skills. It takes precise actions to form great skills so be ... Continue Reading →