Storing Our Quilt Scraps



Basically, we cut our scraps up into different sizes, store them, folded,and put into bins.

She recommends doing this every couple of weeks to keep things nice and organized. We label the bins by the size of scrap.

It makes it so easy to go back and do different projects because whatever we need is right there! To do this project you will need our rotary cutter, a ruler, and our scraps of course.


Put those scraps in line!



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  1. Carol

    Jul 20. 2017

    I prefer to use Ziploc-type bags to store scraps from each project. I label them w/scrap sizes and other info Easy to view inside clear bags which come in several sizes and are re-useable, Bags also protect scraps from fraying. Can fit lots of scrap bags n a drawer or basket. They store nice and flat if u don’t overkill them. This storing method works brilliantly for me…

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