Sewing Machine Basics For Beginners & Simple Reminders for All Quilters


If you’re new to sewing the first thing you “SHOULD DO”  is READ your sewing machines Manual. If you don’t have access to it, consider watching the video below to gain a basic understanding of how to get started.

Beginning sewing on a sewing machine you’re NOT familiar with usually takes a little time.

Every sewing machine has its own idiosyncrasies. From how you thread it to how it sews each stitch.

Don’t rush into sewing until you’ve sewn a few stitches to get the feel of it. If possible select a piece of scrap fabric to use as a practice piece.

A sewing machine is marvel of technology, don’t make the mistake of thinking you know how it works.

Even highly experienced sewing machine technicians read the manuals before they add thread to a machine.

Go slow and make sure you’ve followed the threading and bobbin insertion directions prior to turning it on.

Thanks go to “Made To Sew” for this introduction using a sewing machine.





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  1. Teresa Roys

    Feb 03. 2016

    Katelyn, you might enjoy this video.

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  2. Glenda Shadd

    Feb 03. 2016


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  3. Dllm

    Mar 01. 2016

    I have been cutitng and cutitng and cutitng I know I will definitely use this ruler a lot it will really be helpful and save me quite a bit of time thank you for coming up with the idea!!!

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