Sewing Buttons With Our Sewing Machines

One of the most frustrating things to sew is buttons. A lot of people are never sure about how to do it with a sewing machine and doing it by hand is not always the quickest, or most secure way.

That’s why this video is such great help for anyone who feels that way. Let’s learn how to sew buttons by using a sewing machine! The best part about this is that it benefits everyone who sews, rather we are experts or beginners.

Debbie, from the video, is also very clear about what to set our machines to and how to get the perfect stitching width, which is crucial while you’re sewing buttons onto something using a machine.

Basically, all we will need to carry out her instructions are the buttons we have choosen and something to hold our buttons down with, such as a small piece of tape and our sewing machine.

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10 Responses to “Sewing Buttons With Our Sewing Machines”

  1. Arlene Mendoza-Lane

    Jun 20. 2017

    My fabulous Bernina sews on buttons

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  2. Monica Johnson

    Sep 14. 2017

    I have a foot just for buttons

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  3. Kass Jennings

    Sep 15. 2017

    Me to!! Its great!

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  4. Mary Lee Grabowski

    Sep 17. 2017

    Don’t hand sew buttons by hand anymore!

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  5. Quilting Genius

    Nov 11. 2017

    anyone else like on my page as much as i do

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  6. Quilting Genius

    Nov 11. 2017

    I agree

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  7. Quilting Genius

    Nov 11. 2017

    Absolutely adore everything like this

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  8. Marian Hunt

    Nov 12. 2017

    Only way I sew on my buttons. I do it twice on each button. They do not come off.

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  9. Susan Filipovsky

    Dec 22. 2017

    thank you!

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  10. Jayne Purnell Chappell

    Dec 22. 2017

    I sew my buttons always on the machine x

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