Save Time With The Chain Piecing Technique


A simple patchwork piecing technique saves time and improves our accuracy. So why not try the chain piecing technique?

Start with arranging our quilt pieces prior to starting!

This not only speeds up the sewing process, but it helps us stay organized and hopefully eliminates us having to search for the seam ripper!

Don’t rush the starting point for each unit that we are stitching.

Staring at the 1/4 inch seam for the first few stitches is critical to make our units line up when it’s time to sew the units together with the other units.

The video below is a great demostration from Needlepointers for us to learn how to do chain piecing.



5 Responses to “Save Time With The Chain Piecing Technique”

  1. Janice Roberts

    May 07. 2017

    Do it all the time

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  2. Pat Pack

    May 07. 2017

    Not a new concept. I don’t really know any quilter who doesn’t do this.

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  3. Kathleen Young LaFlure

    Jul 30. 2017

    Lorrain Young here is another helpful site

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  4. Mary Jo Mlodzik

    Sep 13. 2017

    First thing I learned from my quit teacher. Sandy Mason. 35 years years ago!

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  5. Helen C Smith

    Sep 14. 2017

    this is a great tutorial for beginners, a young friend was making her first 9 patch, i ask her if she was chain stitching, she said what is that.. we older quilters take it for granted everyone knows these time savers.

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