Save Time, Cut Fabric in Layers

Arranging your Fabric to Cut Several Layers at a Time saves on cutting errors IF YOU DO IT RIGHT! But if you do not then things can get ugly and perfectly good fabric can turn to scraps. Good thing this awesome video is here to help you out!

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First things first. Get the Wrinkles out. If your cutting Fabric with Wrinkles it can throw off our cutting after you cut a clean edge. It can also cause a cut that is not clean which would be unfortunate.

Every Time you adjust your fabric to make another cut the wrinkle shifts and can make your next cut uneven when the wrinkle is finally taken out later.

This Tutorial Focuses on Cutting several layers at a time with your Rotary Cutter.

If You can cut 8 or more pieces at a time it really speeds up your Quilt Making which is extremely efficient!

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  1. Sharon Gianini

    Feb 28. 2017

    Trish Gianini

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  2. Trish Gianini

    Mar 01. 2017

    I dunno…

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  3. Kathleen Peet

    Apr 04. 2017

    can’t pull this up nor save on pinterest ?????

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  4. Karen Lange

    Apr 04. 2017

    Couldn’t find the video or save it on Pinterest

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  5. Karen Lange

    Apr 04. 2017

    Where is the video?

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  6. Jane McKay

    Apr 05. 2017

    You absolutely MUST have a sharp, new rotary blade if you want to cut multiple layers. And, yes, it does save time if you’re careful.

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  7. Teresa Loving

    Nov 04. 2017

    Tammy Tucker

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