Refresher: Fast And Functional Sharpening Tool


How do you feel when you hear the word dull? I feel less power, which means a slower time crafting your quilt. So what can we do about it? Use a sharpener!


Tools that are designed to be very sharp, like scissors, needles, pins, clippers, and the famous rotary cutter have to be sharp to work correctly.


It’s not safe and mistakes are made when an edged tool like these aren’t sharp. Mistakes can cause frustration, financial loss, and finger bandages.


If you don’t have one of these you might want to think about getting one.


To sharpen your rotary cutter, first take it apart in an order that is easy to put back together. Be careful as the razor will be exposed and could cause injury!



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  1. Christy Moon Calhoun

    Dec 29. 2015

    Rachel Ford

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  2. Rachel Ford

    Dec 29. 2015

    Thank u Christy Moon Calhoun!

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  3. Deborah Ocasio

    Jan 01. 2016

    This was sooo helpful!

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