Quick Sewing Machine Potential Problem Solvers Quick Reminders 2 Videos


This is Fun to Watch.

If you’ve never use a sewing machine or want to show someone what it’s like to try and sew the first time you’ll like this.

I has some great don’t to it this way examples that aren’t rehearsed.

This would be a great way to introduce anyone to a sewing machine so they can see it’s perfectly OK to not know how to use it.

At one point where the bobbin is being place in the bobbin case, you’ll want to make sure the bobbin will unwind correctly by placing it in correctly.

Double check your manual for the proper way the bobbin should be placed so it unwinds in the correct direction.

If you’ve never use the little teflon bobbin washers that go between the bobbin and bobbin case,  you might want to ask around see if they are something you should try.



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  1. Noella Kirkpatrick

    Jan 21. 2016

    When I sew,sometimes the bottom stitch is all loopy and not sewing like the top stitch,what is the cause? Bobbin, tension or just threading your machine,very frrustrating. help

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