Quick Sewing Machine Potential Problem Solvers Quick Reminders 2 Videos

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List of 2 Videos

1st. 10 Sewing Tips from the Experts

2nd. Beginner’s Guide to Sewing Machine Sewing [Fun to Watch but VERY BASIC]

List of 10 Tips found in the Video on the Next Page Below the Image:

1. Read Your Manual and Keep it Close. Stop and take the time to read it cover to cover. It will save you from becoming frustrated. You may not remember everything and that’s OK. But the second you have an issue with your machine you’ll remember if it was covered in your Manual.

2. CHANGE YOUR NEEDLES  [Often].  Match your needle with your sewing project and thread. Thread needle with thread before you place it in your machine. Make sure the thread slides over the thread freely.

3.  Use the thread spool caps that came with your machine. The make them for reason!

4. Make sure your pressure foot is up when you’re threading your sewing machine.

5. When threading your needle in the machine, moisten the back of the needle. The thread is attracted to the moisture and goes through the needle much easier.

6. Don’t watch the needle as you’re sewing. When sewing a 1/4 inch seam allowance use a guide on your machine, like a mark on your throat plate or one you’ve added yourself.

7. Invest in specialty feet to adapt your sewing requirements to your sewing project. Use a walking foot for multi layered fabric like a quilt. A 1/4 inch foot with a blade guide works great for sewing straight or curved 1/4 inch seams.

8. Spray adhesive. Use it to hold slippery of thicker fabric pieces together prior to sewing. It reduces frustration and improves your sewing accuracy.

9. Press while you sew. Get a really good high heat, high rate of steam. Pressing seams as you sew keeps everything lined up.

10. Invest in a good seam ripper, and know how to use it. You can learn how to use a seam ripper here.

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  1. Noella Kirkpatrick

    Jan 21. 2016

    When I sew,sometimes the bottom stitch is all loopy and not sewing like the top stitch,what is the cause? Bobbin, tension or just threading your machine,very frrustrating. help

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