Prep And Piecing Demostration For Beginner Quilters

Beginner Quilters

The tips and techniques covered in this video are going to be the most useful for the beginner quilters who have little experience.

The instructions Amanda Rolfe of 3 and 3 Quarters provides are great for the beginner quilters.

Not too many details to confuse us but just enough guidance so the we can understand the basics of cutting, piecing, and pressing.

If you’ve never made a quilt before pay close attention to the pressing. Sewing the 1/4 inch seam completely straight for the whole length of the seam is important.

Don’t let the sewing machine sew the last 1/2 inch at an angle, guide the seam all the way to keep it straight.

On the next page we’ll provide a list of tools that Amanda is using to make the Father’s Choice Quilt Block.


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