Wiener Dog Quilt Pattern

  It is not everyone’s way, but I love a project that earn second glances! Meaning, I like things that are different and eye catching. In fact, I am quite the sucker for ... Continue Reading →

Creating A T-Shirt Quilt

  Projects that can have a very personal touch added to them are the best. This concept is really what makes quilting a form of self expression and art. So I thought it would be ... Continue Reading →

Tutorial For The Puppy Love Baby Quilt

    In the last two weeks there are been two, beautiful baby girls added into my family! With this being said I have been wanting to make a baby quilt that was sweet and very ... Continue Reading →

Great Tutorial For Making A Ruffled Pillow

  Have you ever thought about making matching accessories to quilts? I know that I’ve thought about doing a whole bed set, but was never too sure how to pull it off. I mean, ... Continue Reading →


  What do we do with the quilts you make? I know that most of us are always working on something, and the quilts tend to build up. I know that I give some away to my family and ... Continue Reading →


  Learning new, helpful methods is always a good thing. So, I clicked on this video, by Jordan Fabrics, called drunken quilting. I was intrigued by this title and was thinking, ... Continue Reading →


  I do not do the longarm quilting process myself. I take it to a longarm quilter. But I know that some of us do our own longarm process, and I have even considered starting to ... Continue Reading →

Storing Our Quilt Scraps

    Quilting is such a messy passion!! My workroom is filled with scraps all over, from all kinds of projects. I mean I have scraps that are years old! It is time that we ... Continue Reading →


    I think it is time to start getting festive! I love making holiday quilts because they really set an exciting mood for the times and they can be used for years! The Fourth ... Continue Reading →