Need Ideas For Finishing Those Raw Edges?


It’s very common in quilting to want nice edges and a clean finish when adding an applique to a quilt project. Often, raw edges get overlooked so we wanted to find some fun, creative ideas for finishing our raw edges.

In this video tutorial, Laura Roberts demonstrates several finishes that she uses when working with raw edges. We’ll learn how to stitch inside the edges to get new inspiration for our own raw edge quilts.

This is one of those quilting projects that requires patience. Take your time as you stitch your raw edges to maintain control.

You will need to tie off the threads to hold your applique in place even if you use batting and backing to turn your quilt blocks into a complete quilt.



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  1. Lyn Macdonald

    Dec 31. 2017

    Andrea Nagy Heather Brown has some good tips here.

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