Making The Sweet Petunia Quilt



On top of the basic quilting supplies (rotary cutter, scissors, straight edge, ruler, etc) we will need a roll of two and a half inch strips, three and a half yards of fabric for the background, one and a half yards for the border, and five and one quarter yards of backing.


We are also going to need an iron so we can press our blocks open at the seam. Jenny uses a very beautiful backing that really adds to the personality of the quilt as well!


The pattern that she uses is called “Victoria Gardens” by Robert Kaufman Fabrics and it is just beautiful! Jenny really walks us through how to do everything to make this quilt a success. The basic outline is very cool, and adding our own fabric and looks to it just makes it better!


Make sure to check out the video in order to get a clearer view of the process! Enjoy making the sweet petunia quilt!




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    Good to know.

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