Making The Sweet Petunia Quilt



Projects that are very clean cut and simple can be so refreshing! That’s what we are getting today with yet another great tutorial from Jenny at The Missouri Star Quilt Company.


Now, something that I love about their work is that they always come up with fun projects that are put together fantastically. So today we are being introduced to the sweet petunia quilt. Something that I really enjoy about this quilt is that it really does resemble petunias, which is wonderful during the summer season.


The sweet petunia quilt is very easy going and simple so beginners are welcomed. So if there is anyone out there who does not quite have a good grasp on quilting that’s okay! I think anyone should still be able to do this one.


The final quilt, if it’s done exactly as shown in the video, will be seventy four inches by eighty five inches.




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