Making Our Own Dresden Sunburst Quilt



If either your cuts or your seam allowance are off by even a tiny amount this block may not work out the way it’s envisioned.

One suggestion is to put 10 blades together and see if it creates an exact half circle. It not you may have to adjust your seam allowance.

Pressing incorrectly can also create problems.

So go slow & concentrate on accurate cuts and straight seams.

The result will be a beautiful addition to your quilt block repertoire




3 Responses to “Making Our Own Dresden Sunburst Quilt”

  1. Carolyn Henry Gaston

    May 09. 2017

    Love your tutorials. Can’t wait to try my first Dresden Plate project.

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  2. Kitty Brim

    May 09. 2017

    Love the tutorials. This is one I made. Working on butterflies next. Thank you for helping us learn.

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  3. Wanda Walz Vandegraft

    May 09. 2017

    I have made this. I loved it.

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