Making A Star Pattern Table Runner

Bev recommends drawing a small diagram before you begin. This will help you get a better overall understanding of the pattern you are working with and will help keep your sizing in check.

As in most quilting projects, it is helpful to have a pen to mark your fabric with and pins to hold your pieces securely in place.

Cutting your fabric a bit larger will help you if you aren’t great a perfecting a 1/4 inch seam allowance. This allows wiggle room if you tend to be generous with your seams.

But don’t worry, your rotary cutter will come in handy if you need to trim any additional fabric from your squares!

Ready to learn more? Check out the video below for more on how to make a star pattern table runner!


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  1. Rose Thomas

    Jun 05. 2017

    Thank you

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  2. Dancing With Stitches

    Jun 06. 2017

    One simply does not stop buying craft supplies simply because your sewing room is full. Can you relate?

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  3. Elizabeth Edwards

    Nov 12. 2017


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  4. Deborah Evans

    Jan 20. 2018

    Judy Sewell Kostesky is this one of our projects in storage?

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  5. Judy Sewell Kostesky

    Jan 20. 2018

    Not sure, don’t think so

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