Making A Star Pattern Table Runner

Sure, there are lots of different patterns we could use to make table runners but finding one as unique as this pattern just might be a tall order to fill!

What is so great about this particular pattern is the use of the half square triangle. A shape many quilters are very familiar with therefore making it an easy quilt project to work with!

In this video tutorial, Bev Mayo will show us some amazing tips and tricks to get this pattern perfect.

You will want to use contrasting fabrics for this table runner. Bev suggests one dark and one light fabric to really help your runner stand out.

Make sure to keep a ruler handy! This will help keep your measurements accurate and help you trim away any excess fabric.

So grab your fabric and sewing machine and get ready to have some fun!

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  1. Rose Thomas

    Jun 05. 2017

    Thank you

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  2. Dancing With Stitches

    Jun 06. 2017

    One simply does not stop buying craft supplies simply because your sewing room is full. Can you relate?

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  3. Elizabeth Edwards

    Nov 12. 2017


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  4. Deborah Evans

    Jan 20. 2018

    Judy Sewell Kostesky is this one of our projects in storage?

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  5. Judy Sewell Kostesky

    Jan 20. 2018

    Not sure, don’t think so

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