Machine Quilting As A Beginner

Scroll Down & Find “Next Page” and Watch the Video “A beginner learns to quilt on the new Baby Lock Tiara II”

Quilt Sandwich preparation is included.

There are other ways to baste your quilt sandwich. Everything from using curved, made-for-quilt basting safety pins, to spray adhesive & even quilt basting guns.

The real trick to basting is finding what works best for you. That is where this video may come in handy because it gives you another option to consider.

If you’re a beginner it may take you trying a few different ways to become familiar with the different basting methods, and then adopt a method that works best for you.

Practice quilting on some scrap quilt sandwiches before quilting on your quilt.

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8 Responses to “Machine Quilting As A Beginner”

  1. TJ Nichols

    Feb 24. 2017

    Y is she sewing sidways?

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  2. Brenda Pittock Myers

    Feb 25. 2017

    She is not sewing sideways, it’s a sit down long arm machine!

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  3. Cat Lucia

    Apr 06. 2017

    Alene Kubinek

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  4. Eileen Zapf Leathers

    Apr 06. 2017

    I don’t care for the Tiara at all.

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  5. Mary Shoemake

    May 10. 2017


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  6. Lynn Ann Locke

    Sep 03. 2017

    MareeandWayne Smith

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  7. Janet Fain

    Jan 25. 2018

    Very informative!

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  8. Simon Hall

    Jan 27. 2018

    We are running a Intro to Patchwork & Quilting class on 20th Feb – if you are in Worthing feel free to book a place

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