I do not do the longarm quilting process myself.

I take it to a longarm quilter. But I know that some of us do our own longarm process, and I have even considered starting to do it myself also.

Today I am sharing a video about longarm quilting and the difficulties we may have with that.

In the video, Lorena from Lorena’s Quilting talks about specific quilts that have common issues when they are about to go into the longarm.

The number one thing that she stresses is ironing the quilt completely so that it is very flat and straight when it goes into the longarm process.

The frustrating thing is that there can be a lot of puddling, which means it is flimsy and kind of a pain for the long arm process.

She teaches us how to deal with this. She also goes over the process of starching and re-ironing.

I am telling you, it is all about being straight!

This can be quite annoying because the border are often wavy, which she goes over how to fix them. We do not really realize it when we do not longarm, but our quilts can be very frustrating to the people who do the longarming!



I recommend that you check out this video on the “Next Page” whether you longarm or not, it has a lot to teach all of us! Check it out and enjoy.


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  2. Ronel Vd Merwe

    Aug 08. 2017

    Dankie Griet……inspirerend….

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    Dec 01. 2017

    Awesome comment thanks so much

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    IMO anything about quilting are fantastic who agrees?

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