Jewel Box Quilt Block Video


Four Jewel Box Blocks merged into one beautiful jewel of a quilt!

Select a high contrasting background fabric color and you’ll end up with quilt top that will amaze you.

This can be made entirely from squares. The methods to change them into jewels shaped like diamond is simple and efficient.

Two half square triangles, and Two 4 patch blocks are the basics of this unique and very simple block.

Borders set the tone of this quilt to allow the extended patterns to emerge and flow into a beautiful pattern.


This goes together quickly! Use 4 smaller blocks each made with two larger half square triangles and two 4 patch blocks to create one larger Jewel Box Quilt Block.

Each set of 4 smaller blocks makes a single larger block and then the larger blocks are arranged to form a quilt top!


On the next page is another video with a larger version of the Jewel Box Quilt Block.


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