How To Create A Color Block Quilt



Angela actually introduces us to some pretty unique planning styles and preparation techniques. I think that these are super useful!


She goes over how to cut out and trace all of the stencils that are necessary for the quilt.


The thing that may be a bit difficult with this project is that it’s made up of many small and different blocks. It’s a lot to sew, but it’s totally worth it!


We will need all of our basic quilting materials and many different colors of fabrics. The fabric that Angela uses in the video is linked below the video in the description for the video. This quilt is extremely fruity in color and will just add the best kind of pop to our collections!


Make sure to check out the video because it is extremely useful, and entertaining. Enjoy the color block quilt!





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  1. Sue Bee Howe

    Dec 10. 2017

    Is the pattern available?

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