How does a Bobbin Bob?

OUCH! This is a one very dedicated seamstress.sewing machine tatoo Funny_Pictures_101215


Take a Break Funny Video. I shared them with my friends and most thought the first one was just plain funny dumb. Keep it clean could be the title of  the title of the 2nd video. It might give you some incentive to keep the operating bobbin mechanism clean.

Video 1 Page 2 is a Very entertaining explanation how a sewing machine makes a stitch.  It made me giggle watching 3 very bright guys use a ladder, cardboard, their bodies, and rope to show how the sewing machine works. The out take at the end tells it all. They really are NERDS and have the red black and blue marks to prove it.

For the really curious and a great cleaning tip!  I included the real thing in the third page second video.

Page 2 Sewing Machine Stitch Explained by NERDS


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  1. Susan Barkley

    Nov 05. 2014

    great video….

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  2. Debbie Godfrey Sanford

    Jan 07. 2016

    Would be great tattoo

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  3. Sara Jayne Gomez

    Jan 07. 2016

    Jayne Hallock

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