Helpful Tips For Quilt Batting And Basting


Here are a few simple tricks and tips to basting that will help us get our layers nice and flat and easily connect them together! First, lets discuss the layers of our quilt blocks: our backing fabric, a batting in the middle and our quilt topper blocks.


To begin basting our quilt, layer the batting on top of our backing fabric and smooth out the layers using our hands. Then cover with our quilt blockers once again smoothing everything out with our hands.


To hold this all together, use straight head pins and insert them directly into the quilt. Insert a pin anchor into one side of our pin. Give our pins a slight bend to help them go into the quilt much easier. We could also use safety pins if we prefer but keep in mind they can be harder to remove when we begin the free motion quilting!


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  1. Brenda Zebrynski

    Apr 05. 2017

    I love the manner in which you present! Very clear, right to the point, some repetition and encouragement! Thank you!

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