Great Tutorial For Making A Ruffled Pillow


Even with this being said, I think the video could lead even a beginner in the right direction so if you are new to quilting do not run away right away! The pillows really turn out wonderful.


The video is extremely helpful and I have nothing but praise for Jordan Fabrics and the wonderful information that they clearly present to us. I definitely recommend watching the video because it has a lot to offer and because this project is just so full of possibility and style!


Take advantage of this great opportunity and enjoy a nice, new ruffled pillow.



6 Responses to “Great Tutorial For Making A Ruffled Pillow”

  1. Carmen Burger

    Sep 21. 2017

    I took a class on making a ruffled pillow and it wasn’t as well explained as this tutorial! This is sew easy to follow and you can blast right through it! Thanks sew much for sharing!

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  2. Lyn Macdonald

    Nov 06. 2017

    Andrea Nagy

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  3. Sharon Garbutt

    Nov 07. 2017

    Venessa Watt you could use your ruffler foot to make cushions like these

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  4. Frances Cardoza

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  5. Frances Cardoza

    Dec 12. 2017

    Like them

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  6. Denise Maas

    Mar 08. 2018


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