Great Tutorial For Making A Ruffled Pillow


Have you ever thought about making matching accessories to quilts? I know that I’ve thought about doing a whole bed set, but was never too sure how to pull it off. I mean, just imagine a whole quilted bed set that is suited to our own tastes and styles?! It would be pretty amazing, but also sort of difficult to do. How about we start with one simple accessory, or simply just a new project to keep in mind? How about making a ruffled pillow?


There is a great video tutorial on how to make ruffled pillows, you can find the tutorial on the next page. The video is simply called, “Ruffled Pillows!” It is by Jordan Fabrics and it is great! These pillows are so cute for any occasion and, as said before, can be made to match quilts.


The woman in the video goes through exactly how to ruffle the pillow’s edges and how to put everything together. The feet used in the tutorial should also be noted because it can be much easier when the correct foot is used. I would consider this project to be slightly more complicated because of the way that the ruffle is sewn on to the actual pillow’s fabric.



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6 Responses to “Great Tutorial For Making A Ruffled Pillow”

  1. Carmen Burger

    Sep 21. 2017

    I took a class on making a ruffled pillow and it wasn’t as well explained as this tutorial! This is sew easy to follow and you can blast right through it! Thanks sew much for sharing!

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  2. Lyn Macdonald

    Nov 06. 2017

    Andrea Nagy

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  3. Sharon Garbutt

    Nov 07. 2017

    Venessa Watt you could use your ruffler foot to make cushions like these

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  4. Frances Cardoza

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  5. Frances Cardoza

    Dec 12. 2017

    Like them

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  6. Denise Maas

    Mar 08. 2018


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