Great How To Instructions For Partial Seams


Partial seams make putting together blocks with center pieces simple, accurate, and quick.

The technique is simple. All it takes is a little know how.

Remember to not sew the first seam all the way. We should mark where to stop with a pin as a reminder to not complete the first the seam.

Our natural tendency will be to complete the seam we started. That’s where the pin comes into play.

Sew halfway and stop. That’s all there is to it.

The partial seams technique puts an end to many sewing situations where set-in seams would normally have to be used.


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6 Responses to “Great How To Instructions For Partial Seams”

  1. Brenda Zebrynski

    May 23. 2017

    I love this block and I see how easy it would be to make. Thank you.

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  2. Kathleen Cattigan

    May 24. 2017

    Lovely block will try it thanks

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  3. Susan Filipovsky

    May 24. 2017

    this IS great!

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  4. Maryanne Talbot-Hodder

    Oct 19. 2017

    Wasn’t interested in the buildingconstruction was a waste of time so didn’t bother to watch the rest

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  5. Quilting Genius

    Nov 15. 2017

    Who else thinks sewing is cool ?

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  6. Lynn Lawson

    Feb 27. 2018

    Judy Clowers Neely

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