Get Creative With The Friendship Star Sashing Quilt


The Missouri Star Quilt Company has brought something so fantastic and different to try on our quilts! Big thanks to them for this one.

The friendship star sashing quilt is quite the creation and is very simple to do when just looking at it, you would actually think it was fairly complex. This quilt is really all about the sashing and can be done with precut, ten-inch squares, no additional trimming.

Basically, the quilt has a friendship star in the sashing between each block. The result is really great and making it seems really fun. I can’t wait to try it out. The Missouri Star Quilt Company had a really beautiful quilt made to show us what it looked like when it was finished.


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5 Responses to “Get Creative With The Friendship Star Sashing Quilt”

  1. Michelle Geraghty Hunt

    Apr 16. 2017

    What I was talking about Sandy Cross and Nancy Murin Laska – y’all need to ‘save’ this as a reminder 😉

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  2. Nikki Jones

    Apr 17. 2017

    Linda Huth Lesley Wiseman Oooh! Nice!

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  3. Margaret LeBlanc

    Apr 17. 2017

    Nice idea, will be doing this with my next quilt that needs sashimi.

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  4. Bonnie L. Guillory

    Apr 17. 2017

    What a great idea and even better if you have left over blocks and don’t know what to do with them, Thanks.

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  5. Christine Carrigan

    Apr 21. 2017

    Oh I have to make one of these!

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