Easy And Effective 3 Pin Quilting Method!



This method makes putting the quilt all together and just sitting down and knocking it out very possible. If there are any beginners out there, I recommend the 3 pin method because it can be a simpler concept to grasp for those who do not have much experience.


Kimberly and Doug do an amazing job explaining this method and I highly advise watching the video because the explanation is very clear and well demonstrated.


This is so great for the lazy days! Relax a little bit with the 3 pin method!




3 Responses to “Easy And Effective 3 Pin Quilting Method!”

  1. Ruth Franz Robinson

    Oct 01. 2017

    very cool!

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  2. Mary Wellman

    Oct 01. 2017

    This is kind of cool. I might have to try it.

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  3. Sharon Hugill Lamb

    Oct 02. 2017

    Wow, very cool organization for assembly!

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