Creating Our Own Duvet Cover

Bedding designs and duvets are a great way to personalize and change up a room. But, not all stores can really get the specific styles that we may want. That’s why seeing this video by Leah Griffith on how to make our own personalized duvet cover is so exciting and helpful!

I am looking forward to trying this out so much. There isn’t really much of an end to the possible, personal creations you can do with this. Being able to make your own duvet cover will really add a feel to the room that just speaks you.

In the video, Leah Griffith gets right to the point with showing the instructions and materials and such. Also, she is showing how to make a twin sized duvet that can also be used as the top sheet of the bed set.

For this project, you will need a sheet set, or at least just the top sheet of one, printed fabric, thread that matches your sheet and print, three buttons, some cotton ribbon, and some thin elastic.

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