Creating An Improv Quilt


Sometimes it’s fun to kind of stray from the traditional styles of quilting that we are all used to. The traditional pattern and block concept is great, but can admittingly become quite tedious over time. On that note, I thought it could be fun to bring something kind of new to the table.

The tutorial by Rayna Gillman is all about how to make an improv quilt. This conccept can really test our comfort zones because it is less about precision and more about a general estimation using pure sight. This may seem pretty crazy, but it’s a great way to think outside of the box a little bit when it comes to quilting.

The quilt that Rayna presents to us and walks us through is a beautiful and unique quilt. There is a sense of abstract shapes and the full grey in the background contracts beautifully with the bright patterns.

Also, since there really isn’t a set method, this quilt may just be the perfect project to use some of our scraps for. The improv method is up to your own judgement and free will. I think it’s perfect for those of us who love a unique looking quilt because the lack of structure means that each one can be different!
Rayna walks us through the entire process and gives some excellent tips, but it’s all really up to whoever is making the quilt.

Remember that quilting isn’t just a measured science, but an artistic hobby. Getting more in touch with the artistic side of quilting has proven to be really fun and a new learning experience. Who better to learn from than ourselves? Okay, so get it touch with some willy nilly styles and check out this helpful demonstration in the video below. Have a great time quilting!





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