Creating A T-Shirt Quilt


To begin, we will have to get some materials together. First is our t-shirts. Melanie’s mom says that to make a decent sized quilt we will need about twelve to fifteen adult sized t-shirts. With this being said, if the t-shirts are smaller in size (teen or kid sized) then we will need more shirts.


We will also need fusible interfacing because it will keep the shirts from stretching. Then, we will need fabric for between the blocks, thread, and fabric for borders. After we gather all of this up, we should sit down and watch the video so that we can really see how it is done.


Check it out, and enjoy the very unique ways of t-shirt quilts.




4 Responses to “Creating A T-Shirt Quilt”

  1. Natalie J Dark

    Sep 30. 2017


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  2. Laurel Eason

    Nov 21. 2017

    Wish they had talked about or shown the sashing. What kind of fabric, how wide, seam width etc

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  3. Quilting Genius

    Dec 16. 2017

    posts about quilting are why I like social media

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  4. Sue Willoughby

    Dec 16. 2017

    Can you have a tips on guilt-as-you-go on baseball tee shirt quilt?

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