Creating A Modern Feathered Star Quilt



Fun patterns are always a great thing to experiment with when we are quilting. Elaborate patterns make things so special!


So let’s start on some of the projects that have great patterns and let them shine! These are often the most aesthetic and unique in our collections.


This enthusiasm for patterns is why we’re introducing a video tutorial called “CONQUERING Edyta Sitar’s Modern Feathered Star Quilt/ Midnight Quilt Show With Angela Walters.” This tutorial is by Angela with Craftsy.


There is a lot going on in this video, but it makes things very fun and as always with Angela, very entertaining.


She starts the video in her usual, joking way. Then she goes into the modern feathered star quilt. This quilt can be done with a template, but it doesn’t have to be and Angela chooses to use one even though it is not her favorite thing.



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  1. Nancy Pecor

    Feb 10. 2018

    Looks hard but really pretty.

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