Creating A Large Quilt With The Gretchen Quilt Block

Each completed large 18.5″ square block is really made up of 4 matching 9 patch blocks.

Each 9 patch unit is made from 7 half square triangles & 2 squares.

As we make the half square triangles the seams should be press to the dark side.

What this means is each seam is pressed in only one direction. And the fold in the seam is pressed so the darker fabric is folded over on itself. Pressing our seams this way prevents the dark color from appearing as a shadow on the lighter fabric seams.

Pressing to one side only also helps strengthen the seam.

Another option is to press our seams open. If we prefer this method, think about shortening our stitch length from 1.2 to 1.5. This strengthens the seam.

Seams pressed to one side are generally stronger and less prone to coming apart as the quilt is used.

Pressing seams open also helps your block lay flatter and this makes quilting it a smoother operation.

The gretchen quilt block is a delightful nine patch block that I have made as an 18″ square finished size. It’s an easy block, using only squares and half square triangles, even though it looks more on the complex side.

Cutting requirements for the gretchen quilt block:

14 Colored and 14 White 3 7/8″ squares

4 Colored and 4 White 3 1/2″ squares

To make the 28 half square triangles, we’ll need to cut 14 3 7/8 inch colored squares and 14 white squares.

After these are cut, place a colored 3 7/8 inch square face up with a white 3 7/8 inch square face down on top of colored square

On the lighter color fabric draw a line diagonally corner to corner and sew 2 seams 1/4 inch parallel with the centerline.


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  1. Ruby Hartsfield

    Mar 11. 2017

    Beautifully done tutorial. Thanks.

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  2. Susan

    Aug 17. 2017

    Well done Rose! Thank you!

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  3. Norma Alsup Morris

    Nov 15. 2017

    Marilyn Alsup

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  4. Marea Yagow

    Nov 15. 2017

    Krissy Purdy Rietz and Rita Rhodabarger, I found one to learn!

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