Create An Unique Baby Quilt Using Our Scraps


Looking for something fabulous to make with all of our left over scraps of fabric? They could be used to make a baby quilt which is a great gift for a baby shower or how about a show piece for a nursery? Well look no further! The video below shows us the perfect way to make a log cabin scrap quilt for any occasion!

The best part? No pattern is needed so you can get as creative as you want.

A baby quilt is perfect for all the left over scraps you have laying around from your previous quilts. Not only does it help make your quilting dollars stretch further, it’s a fun way to infuse different pops of color to make your quilt unique.

Begin with a rectangular or square fabric for the center of your square block.

Having several scraps of fabric in the same print or color will help give you semetry and assist when finishing the outlining of your square and rectangular center point.

Helpful tip:

Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself in a situation where your strips of fabric just aren’t long enough. Debra shows you how to sew together different strips to make your quilt even more unique!



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  1. Cindy Hamilton

    Jul 28. 2017

    Cute way to use up scraps.

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    Oct 11. 2017

    Miranda Rowlands

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    Oct 13. 2017

    MareeandWayne Smith

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