Check Out These Cool Double Sided Quilted Cottons


Your strips will all be cut different lengths so you can choose your favorite fabric for the largest strip if you like.

While you will have different patterns on your fabric strips, Bonnie and Cindy suggest using the same solid fabric for your sashing strips. You can change it up but keeping them all the same will bring some consistency to your quilt in the midst of all the different fabrics.

Bonnie and Cindy also recommend using matching thread in your bobbin.

The quilt will tend to get a bit bulky as you get closer to completing the project so simply fold it over to make sewing everything together more manageable.



3 Responses to “Check Out These Cool Double Sided Quilted Cottons”

  1. Ellie Swadley

    Apr 12. 2017

    very confusing

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  2. Eileen Zapf Leathers

    Apr 12. 2017

    Wasn’t easy to find most of this fabric.

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  3. Hazel Finlay

    Apr 13. 2017

    love the finished look

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